Sunday, January 20, 2008

January 20, 2008 - Finally! Some Pictures!

This is us when we visited the Giraffe Center in our first week. While the giraffes are very friendly and used to people feeding them, they are really HUGE and their tongues are very slimey.

Kristoffer giving the giraffe a treat and receives a "healing" kiss in return.

This is the dominant male leopard that we were lucky enough to see on all 3 of our game drives when we were on vacation. He was up in or on the ground near this tree each day.

This is a mama rhino with a baby who is only a few months old. We observed them and a third adult rhino from inside our LandRover only 60 feet away. We met a great couple, Monique and Geoff, on our game drive that day and watched the rhinos with them.

This is us climbing around the gorges at Hell's Gate National Park in Naivasha. It may be hard to tell, but the MLB World Champion Red Sox are with us wherever we go (note my hat).

This is the view of the watering hole from our "Kiangazi" lodge in Naivasha. The zebras often frequented this watering hole, as did a hippo, several types of antelope, wart hogs, and monkeys. You can also catch a glimpse of the beautiful mountains in the background.

This vervet monkey climbed up onto the breakfast table to steal a breakfast bar and a handful of granola at our lodge before Kristoffer chased him away. He and his friends (there were 3 or 4 others around) had been staking out the joint for quite awhile before he made his move.

This is the youngest elephant at the orphange in Nairobi. She wears a cloth on her back because her skin is extremely sensitive and she is prone to pneumonia, which is the leading cause of baby elephant death. She is about 2 months old.

These are 3 of the 8 baby elephants we saw at the orphanage. They were extremely playful with each other and some were even friendly with the spectators of their feeding and playtime. We love this picture. It reminds me of my sister's kids (Mikey, Sean, and Molly).

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