Wednesday, January 2, 2008

January 2, 2008 - We are okay in Nairobi!

Happy New Year!

While I don't have time for this blog to be nearly as long as it should be, Kristoffer and I want to let everyone know that we are extremely safe. Luckily for us, we had gone on a holiday to a lake about 90 miles outside of Nairobi. It was an extremely safe community where we enjoyed the wildlife and meeting many new, interesting people. We extended our holiday for 3 extra days following the Kenyan election and only came back to Nairobi today with permission from the UN Security. Because the situation here is extremely volatile, we will stock up on food and water now and stay at home until we are told to do otherwise. The riots and demonstrations taking place in Nairobi are not close to where we live and our landlord has assured us that our neighborhood was quiet during the previous days' unrest.

We appreciated coming home to many of your emails checking on our safety today - thank you for keeping us close in your thoughts. If you are looking to do anything for us right now, please send prayers for peace to Kenya. Do not worry about us, we are taking every precaution and following UN orders strictly. We will post again when can get to the internet and at that time will share more details of the political situation and our vacation.


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Jamie Dick said...

Do you think it is safe to travel to Nairobi right now? My daughter is scheduled to arrive at the nairobi airport on Saturday morning (the 5th) to begin as a volunteer teacher at the Westlands Primary School. Thoughts?

Thanks and good luck!