Wednesday, December 19, 2007

December 19, 2007 - Taking Baby Steps

Hello again!

Here in Nairobi, we are getting closer to renting an apartment. Our ideal situation right now is to have a short-term lease at a nice place, while we are on a waiting list for the compound Bent lives in that we really love. It may take up to 3 months but we think this is the best solution. We are waiting to hear from a few compounds about whether a short-term lease is possible. Hopefully, it will just be a few more days. Today is a Muslim holiday, which the country recognizes, and so no business is being conducted.

Kristoffer met a really nice woman, Beatrice, at the WFP. Her husband is staff there and she is a volunteer. She helped us find several apartments to look at yesterday and she also connected us to a WFP family moving to Senegal from whom we are going to buy a car! Because the car is already registered with the UN, it will be much easier for us to buy the car, and it was much cheaper than the British guy's car. It is a really big SVU (an Isuzu Wizard) - shhh...don't tell Kristoffer - but it is a good car to have here. All of the paperwork should be taken care of within a week.

In addition to looking at apartments and cars, during the past few days I have seen two very interesting and funny sights.

First, while in a taxi driving on the highway the other day, I saw a man pulling a full cart - yes, as if he were a donkey - in the middle lane. Of the highway! A man pulling a cart! It was crazy!

Next, when driving around the city there are often "sales men" (sometimes children) walking on the road in between the cars selling stuff. They are selling a variety of goods: paintings, flowers, nuts, bags, hats, shirts, we even saw a guy selling a coat rack! The items that always make me smile, however, are puppies! Puppies! These guys actually walk around with these little puppies hoping that someone will drive by, hand over some cash, and take one! I am sure lots of people are tempted because the dogs are so darn cute, but really - who would buy a puppy like that? We have even seen a bunny rabbit or two being sold on the street.

We are getting closer to having a normal life - puppy sales during traffic and all - and hope to feel more settled in time for Christmas next week. Kristoffer hasn't worked here long enough to have earned any vacation days, so we believe that he will have to work on the 24th and the 26th (even though nobody else will be around!). We will have to come up with something very cool and African to do on Christmas!


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Duffy said...

I can't keep up with you. your car is from someone you never mentioned. Just think if the British guy didn't have trouble with his phone, you might already have a car and not the one with the UN stuff. The same thing will work out for the apartment. Even if you have to move again, it will be worth waiting for just what you want.