Monday, December 10, 2007

December 10, 2007 - Patience

Jambo! See, my Swahili is getting good! Jambo is a greeting, asante means thank you, and tafadali means please.

To follow up with yesterday's tour of Bent's apartment, it was amazing! In NYC, it would easily be $1.5 million or more. 3 BR, 3 bath, laundry room, rooftop balcony, hardwood floors, walk in closets. Seriously - a dream, for less than $1500. There is a pool, a gym, a community room, free yoga classes, and lots of green space. The bad news is that the complex, which is highly secure (gates, fences, guards, and dogs), does not have any vacancies until March at the earliest. Bummer!

Today I have contacted several realtors and this afternoon I think I will go out with one of them. Unfortunately, only a few agencies show property on Saturday mornings and none of them work after 4:30pm. This means that Kristoffer will not be able to participate in the apartment hunt, much to my dismay. In the US, I would have no problem apartment hunting on my own. I have done it before and I know how to play the game. Here, I am not sure what the "rules" are or how I will be treated as a woman looking by myself. I will do my best not to get "taken". We especially hope to find a place this week because the apartment we are staying in now is occupied by other tenants beginning on December 17th. Yikes!

On the job front, I called all three schools that expressed interest in me. The secretary at the International School of Kenya (ISK) said the director has my resume on file and will call me back. Both of the other schools are already on holiday break and told me to call back in January. Things are definitely moving a little more slowly than I would like; however, I should be more patient because we have not even been here a week.

Last night Kristoffer and I slept under mosquito netting for the first time after I got bitten the night before. He thought it was extremely cozy; I was just happy not to worry about getting any strange diseases while I sleep!

The internet at the apartment is still not working. I am becoming friendly with the guy who works here at the internet cafe. He is laughing at how fast I type!

Let's hope the apartment hunt this afternoon goes well....


Majken og Peter said...

So nice to read your blog! Keep ´em comming. Exciting.

Hans&mum said...

Even though you are a fast typist Lisa, you are doing a tremendous job - we almost feel we are there