Tuesday, December 11, 2007

December 11, 2007 - Apartment Hunting

Today was very productive in that I saw 7 apartments and 1 of them was almost as nice as the one Bent (the Danish guy) lives in. We are going to pursue that apartment on Thursday because tomorrow - December 12th - is Kenyan Independence Day and businesses are not open.

I will be honest and say that I felt very brave going out into Nairobi, granted to the nicest neighborhoods, by myself with two different realtors today. I will also say that I don't think I am always so good at communicating with people here, even though we are both speaking English. For example, I called each realtor to find out what time we were viewing the apartments I requested to see. I asked each woman how much it should cost for a taxi to bring me to each office (so that I wouldn't get over-charged) and what directions I should give the taxi driver. Both women easily gave me this information. My big shock when I arrived at each office, a few hours apart, was that both realtors expected me to have a car that we could use to drive around and see apartments! One company had a car that the first realtor could use, but the second realtor actually said I had to pay to take a taxi around with her for two hours to see 5 different places. I was shocked and a little bit grumpy, to be honest, until she showed me some very nice would-be homes for us.

Kristoffer and I also opened local bank accounts yesterday and there is a car we would like to buy that he is pursuing. We are really getting our act together so that you (all) can come visit very soon!

In other news, there is a big election coming up here on December 27th. It is almost a test of this country's democracy to see if the administration can successfully turn over and perhaps take some corruption out with it. While this is always in the news here and posters are everywhere (and trucks with megaphones driving around to promote candidates), we also know that Kenyans are paying attention to the 2008 Presidential election in the US. It is obvious that the Kenyans will support an America led by Barack Obama, as his father was Kenyan and from the Luo tribe of western Kenya. Not that my politics are decided at all, but with Oprah and Kenya on his side...it looks like he is still in the running!

I would write more now but I am quite tired and who knows how long this internet connection will last. Happy Kenyan Independence Day to you; we will enjoy Kristoffer's day off tomorrow by hopefully visiting some giraffes.


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Kitte & Gert said...

Dear Lisa and Kristoffer !

Keep on writing about Your new impressions. We tried that kind of period 18 years ago, as we moved to Greenland: Everything seems in the biginning to be strange and interesting, but fortunately (or unfortunately) you get used to everything, and you don't see the difference.
It is great for us to read about your startingtroubles right now, but youself will enjoy reading about this in just a few months. The more you write, the better.

We hope, you have enjoyed your independence day.

Gert and Kitte

Greetings from grandma Karen in Odense.